2007 Group Ride Pics



10-07-07 Ride


08-19-07 Ride



08-11-07 Ride





6-30-07 Ride




6-24-07 Ride




06-17-07 Ride

Me and my baby



06-11-07 Ride

May I was in New Mexico - see story on "Motorcycling Main Page"



4-28-07 Ride


St. Pete Powersports Grand Opening













4-22-07 Ride








4-08-07 Friends

What?, I AM smiling . . .

Yes, Hi, I'd like to report a missing person . . .

Oh, there he is, never mind . .

So you see guys, when you are "Raising the Roof" it works like this . . .

Yes, we ARE bringing sexy back and we'd like the $4.99 we spent on it refunded too



Hey, just because I called the waitress "Cousin Groping Trailer Trash" doesn't mean it's my fault something is floating in your drink

Hey, what the hell is going on??


And watch it with the knife, will you??


Why do I feel like the star in some twisted initiation rite?

Mike is disappointed that the "pants tucking in" didn't require his assistance


fMarch 31, 2007 with Tonya



Breaking in Dita, meeting George and a Friendly State Trooper