May 1 - May 22, 2003



So, the Three Caballeros were all lined up and ready to roll.  Garrett was in, Bill was in, and I was making my final arrangements for the trip.  I would like to take a few minutes to reintroduce the reader to my vehicle of choice.  I purchased this 2002 BMW R1150R last year and have to date put just over 10,000 miles on it.  I love this bike.  It is quick enough to hang with some very fast riders, terrific in the turns, and comfortable to ride damn near all day long.  It has ABS Brakes, heated hand grips, and (new for 2003) a heated vest.  Yes, I know there are faster bikes, I know there are more comfortable bikes, I know there are cheaper bikes - but when you combine the comfort, with the speed and power, with the reliability, with the safety I don't think you can beat the BMW.  If you can, I don't want to hear about it.



You will also notice pictures of the bike both with and without bags.  A terrific feature on this bike is that I can basically bolt on the bags for a long haul, take them off like luggage when I arrive, lock them up and keep my possessions secure.  I keep them on for the long hauls, but  take them off when I am riding with friends, mainly because I don't want to look any dorkier than is absolutely necessary.  What little street credibility I have would be tossed out like a groping strip-bar patron should I ever show up to the local bike night with my bags still on.  If I did show up with the bags, I had better have something REALLY interesting in them, like the pink slip from GSX-1000.  Since that is damn near impossible, I ride with the bags off . .


Since this story is about me and my friends, you should get used to the idea of seeing pictures of me and my friends.  No better time to start than now, so here is a shot of me and Jenna (figure it out).



Last but not least, I am a Fourth Generation Native Texan.  Furthermore, I live in Florida.  This combination basically means I am a foreign national.  Put it to you this way, I am proud that Texas was one of the countries making up the Coalition of the Willing who liberated Iraq.  Amusingly no one in Florida was actually born IN Florida, and due to conservation efforts no more than three native Floridians can be in the same place at the same time.  Everyone else in Florida is from New Jersey, and they all managed to bring their good looks, manners and charm with them.  If you find someone in Florida with a southern accent there is a 100% chance they came from Georgia.  What this means is that I am a foreigner, surrounded by foreigners (worse, Northerners).  To finish this little rant, I think the 'soul' in this state is in serious jeopardy, and I worry that it doesn't have one.  Maybe Florida sold the rights to its soul to Disney.  Unless the soul of this state is whiny old people and their non-stop complaints.  This state has two groups of people, those who are staving off death by living in a warm climate, and young people here to have a good time (some of which have been here long enough to start raising their own young people).  Short version, Native Texan, living in Florida, glad to get back home for a visit.


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