Garrett's Basic Training in FT Benning GA

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Buy Pictures on the Web - Garrett's Graduation Pic

Being pressed for time, right now I am just posting the pictures without telling too many stories.  Obviously there are no pictures from Garrett's Basic Training, these are from Graduation and family day.


Except this one, this is one of civilian Garrett Poole, after attempting a 2 mile Pre-BCT Run and nearly having a heart attack.  Garrett can do a 2 mile run now, in fact he can do a 4 mile run now.  He may hate doing it, but he can do it and odds are he will leave all us pasty civilians in the dust in the process.

Garrett and Scott at Charlie Rock - the barracks Garrett spent 9 weeks in.


Garrett and Aunt Barbara at Charlie Rock

Garrett and one of the soldiers in the same platoon

Garrett telling a story about one of the numerous times he was smoked, scuffed, and generally beaten into shape by his Drill Sergeant. God Bless Drill Sergeants, their work saves men's lives . . even Drill Sergeant Mills . . send him an email, he loves receiving them.

"Tha Boys" at Garrett's Graduation

Troops Marching and in Formation for Graduation Ceremonies (Garrett was in the First Platoon - so in theory if you look REALLY close you can find him in there)


Garrett and a friend spending a little of their hard earned money on the local economy

Coat of Arms of the 47th Infantry Regiment (Garrett's Platoon)


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