Scott and Tonya's Second Anniversary Ride

Chattahoochee, Georgia

August 12 - 16 2002

The 'Pre-ride story'


Tonya and I had been pondering what to do for our second anniversary.  I had several ideas, but the 'day at the gun range followed by a night of hard liquor and a ménage a trois with a call girl' wasn't received as warmly as I had hoped.  We both wanted to do something adventurous and at least a little different from the clichéd "Hallmark Card and Dinner" anniversaries that seem to be so standard for others, we just couldn't come up with the perfect idea.

After the Tunica run, both Tonya and I were itching for more.  It was as if that trip hat whetted the appetite, but hadn't finished the job.  Kind of like when you were a kid about to be abused by a priest when another parishioner walks in and kills the romance . . . well, something like that anyways but without the gut wrenching shame and post-penetration anal discomfort.

So, now that you have either a) had a painful repressed memory of your childhood brought to the surface or b) finished cleaning up the vomit from your keyboard - let's continue.

What I am about to say may change your life, it is that earth shattering.  I have learned that (not counting the aforementioned guns / chicks / alcohol comment) I have the greatest wife of all.  Bluntly, who ever you are with - she just can't cut it compared to Tonya.  Now, just in case you are wondering - yes, I will kill you if you try to take her from me. 

Here is what happened, Tonya called me at work and said "why don't we take our week's vacation and ride the bikes up to the foot hills of the Appalachian mountains, I have found a neat little hotel in the middle of this mountainous nature preserve that is supposed to have world-class twisties."  Had she called and said "The girl next door next door is into it, want to come home for lunch and give it a go?" I would not have been more excited.  When she hung up I said to those around me, and I quote "I have the greatest wife, and the best life, imaginable."  After telling the guys in the office that my wife wanted to take a motorcycle trip for our second anniversary, and after watching them try to pick their jaws up OFF the floor - they all agreed with me.

So, this is the story of Scott and Tonya's (soon to be renamed "Psycho-Man and Adventure-Grrl's") Second Anniversary ride.


On with the story then

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