A Little Catching Up

July 2016


So a lot has changed in my life since the start of this website in 2001.  I'm going to take just a few minutes to sort it all out in my head and give you, the reader, a chance to put some of the pictures into context.  I originally started this website as a means of sharing my pictures and stories for my motorcycle trips.  This was before MySpace and before Facebook and any other social media.  I put this site up so I could share my pictures and stories with my friends all over the country as well as give me something of a permanent record of my trips and adventures.

The Wives and Girlfriends:



Kerry and I met at the end of 2014 and we're very much in love.  Both of us have been married before, we've both made mistakes and learned from them.  Kerry is truly the Warrior Queen.  She's insanely fit, career focused, driven, type-a and still lots of fun (once she relaxes enough to have fun).  She has her own page now on the main site, so look over there for pics of her, our little family and our adventures.  We both are planning on spending the rest of our lives together, so watch this space as there may be a wedding announcement at some point in the future.

Carrie (yes, Carrie and Kerry . . "Carrie" is now referred to in conversation as "the tall one")


Carrie and I met in 2008 and were in a relationship from 2009 to 2014.  As of this writing she's happy and in a relationship in Fort Lauderdale.  We don't speak very often, but I don't think either one of us has any hard feelings so much as we're just getting on with our lives.



Tonya and I were married in 2000 and divorced in 2008.  As of this writing we're friends, even if we're friends who don't talk very often.  She's in Anchorage Alaska right now, living her own adventure and last I heard she had met a decent guy and was happy up there.

Denise (I'll have to find a picture of Denise, I know I have one somewhere)  Here is a picture of our son Patrick taken in 1992 before he died.


Denise and I married in 1988 and divorced in 1998.  She is the mother of my only son and I haven't spoken to her in over 20 years.  We were a hot mess, a 3 ring circus of drama and insanity.  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Denise.  She was a very beautiful woman but we were a total trainwreck.  I wonder sometimes if I'd been more mature if I could have made it work and from time to time I go out on social media to see if I can find her, but no luck.

Motorcycling and Bodybuilding

The last few years has seen a fundamental shift in some of my priorities and passions.  I have been a motorcyclist first and a weightlifter second.  Starting in 2014 the table shifted and I became a bodybuilder first with motorcycling being second place.  There are multiple reasons, but none of them are bad.  Life changes, we change with life.  I still ride, but if it is a toss-up between making my workout and making a ride, the workout comes first now.