2012 Robbinsville, Cherokee, Gatlinburg and Eventually Nashville











The End

September 15, 2012

Robbinsville to BlueRidge Parkway

202 Miles

Today was our first day of riding and the route I suggested was long and twisty.  I am glad I picked this as the first day route and not the last day because it was a non-stop marathon of twists, turns, and tunnels.  I am always wound up after a day sitting in the truck so this was perfect for me.  BlueRidge Parkway was just beautiful and pretty close to empty when we went out there.  It takes me a couple days to realize I am on vacation and not in "GO 100% hard all the time" mode. 


(above) our garage accommodations and our room above the garage.  Carrie getting ready to leave in the cool fog. 


Stopping for gas before entering into Cherokee, NC.  It was chilly, and Carrie was already cold.  I don't think she enjoyed the ride until about an hour in when it warmed up.

Wisely, I decided to stop in Cherokee to get my girlfriend a cup of hot chocolate to warm her up and keep her in a good mood.  While that was happening we had the experience of seeing Indians taking a picture of an "Indian Chief" - both of them are thinking "Screw you Christopher Columbus" at the exact same time.


Carrie overlooking the mountains, the bike shot and Carrie Bill and Scott on BlueRidge Parkway



Obligatory picture of Carrie and a dog.  This one was one of those dogs that are trained and used for people with PTSD.




As usual, I'd rip off at my own pace and have a little time to pull over, pull out the camera and take some pictures as Bill and Carrie rode by.  Carrie enjoyed the "middle two" hours of the day, she said that the first hour or so she was freezing and the last hour she was exhausted.  I think a lot of that has to do with putting her 6 foot tall frame on a bike that has her hunched up for long periods of time.


That night, back at Two Wheel Inn Carrie sat on an FZ6.  I think in hindsight it would have been a better bike for her on this trip.  It's a bigger bike with a more upright seating position and she really seemed to like it.  There were a few FZ6's at the hotel and we are seriously thinking about it as a next motorcycle.