2013 Ozarks

Jasper, Arkansas and The Ozark Grand Canyon












The route

This was THE way to finish off this trip.  23 south was just fan-freaking-TASTIC.  From 16 south is "The Pigs Trail" and it is a blast.  Again, it's broader than Deal's Gap and not as fast as The Snake and it's a HOOT.  Great roads and about as "authentic middle of nowhere Arkansas" as I think it is possible to get.

These pics below are the usual "Scott stops to snap a pic" variety.


Here is where we stopped having past our turn to go to Oark for lunch.  Turner Bend looks like a little tourist retreat with camping and canoeing, etc


Check out the cost of gasoline!  No kidding, this was the most we paid by FAR on this trip.  Given how far the nearest gas station was and how big a pain in the ass it probably is to get the gasoline truck there are at all it kinda makes sense.

We joked that in future years we'd look at this picture wishing gas was this cheap.

We stopped at the Oark Cafe (Established in 1890).  This is very possibly the most genuinely authentic "cafe, grocery, auto parts, gas station and emergency supply" store ever.  You'll see places all over America emulating this look - this is pretty much as real as it gets.


My camera couldn't focus and adjust with the indoor lighting - this was probably my 6th attempt to take a picture, thus the look of excitement on my face.  I'm basically saying "if this time doesn't work, I'm giving up"

Once we left Oark we took a few scenic routes and then a long straight bit of road taking us back into the mountains.  Surprisingly, I didn't get us lost.  I THOUGHT I was wrong but I was mistaken.

We stopped one more time for gas before hitting the mountain passes.

There are a few interesting things about this picture below, starting with the fact that it was taken in 2013.  Also, if you are standing there peeing and  you hear what you think is a woman approaching the door you will probably have a moment of genuine worry and conflict if you think you forgot to lock the door.  Let's see, my penis is in my hand, and I'm peeing, and I can't really stop, jump up the stairs and grab the door without risking some kind of mess.  She didn't walk in . . .

Another view of the great roads on this trip