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Wingman's 2006 Racetrack  / Motorcycle Pics LINK
August 2006 Promotion to Sergeant
September 2006 - 2nd Tour of Duty
May 2006 Dinner with Friends
May 2006 Dinner with Harmless / Agent
2005 Wingman's FIRST TOUR of Iraq LINK
Wingman Before the Army - Dinner with Harmless / Agent
Wingman Before the Army - hanging out with me while I heal
Wingman celebrating his induction into the Army - trying not to puke up some expensive drinks
Wingman taking the oath of induction
Wingman's Recruiter picking him up to report for Basic Training
Wingman graduating Basic - at Charlie Rock
Wingman and his friend Noah at Basic Training Graduation
Wingman in his Class A's - Graduating from AIT
Wingman and his friends from AIT
Wingman and cousin Mike McCann
Harmless, Wingman, Mike - at AIT graduation
Wingman and Priscilla
Wingman and a Friend
The  Family
Wingman's new "Band of Brothers" AIT graduation
Wingman and Friends
More Family
Wingman and Friends
  1. Wingman Enlisting in the Army
  2. Wingman in Basic Training and Graduation
  3. Wingman is Deployed



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