2007 New Mexico

Scott and Bill

1200+ Miles of Riding in 5 days

Day ZERO - To New Mexico

Inn at the Delta

Day ONE - Riding New Mexico

Day TWO - Riding New Mexico

Day THREE - Riding New Mexico

Day FOUR - Riding New Mexico

Day FIVE - Riding New Mexico

Drove from Tampa to Austin on Friday - the truck and bike were covered in ash from the GA / FL Wildfires.  It took me 20 hours to get from Tampa to Austin, I rolled in around 2am on Saturday morning.



Also, the bike cover didn't survive the trip.  I put it on because I wanted to protect the bike from 1,000 miles of dirt and heat.  By the time I got to Texas the cover was torn to shreds from the turbulence.

We got up Saturday, loaded the bikes on to the trailer and then drove 12 hours from Texas to New Mexico.


We had breakfast in Austin before heading out - the start of 6 straight days of Mexican food and all the glory that brings when stuck in a truck for long distances.  This is the restaurant where I was reminded how much I love the suburbs of Austin - great food and a bitchy woman with a big stick up her butt. 


Pictures from the drive to New Mexico.  You know you are in Texas when you see 500 miles of absolutely nothing but the occasional oil pump and Baptist church. 




Sunset in New Mexico as we pulled in to Espanola.  12fairly uneventful hours later.