2007 New Mexico

Scott and Bill

1200+ Miles of Riding in 5 days

Day ZERO - To New Mexico

Inn at the Delta

Day ONE - Riding New Mexico

Day TWO - Riding New Mexico

Day THREE - Riding New Mexico

Day FOUR - Riding New Mexico

Day FIVE - Riding New Mexico

I don't remember the routes exactly - basically for the next 5 days we did a set of "clover leaf" routes.  Each route would start and end Espanola and put us in 200+ miles of twisty mountain roads.


Here's a picture of Scott having a rotten time in front of some amazing scenery.  You'd think by the look on my face I was plotting the destruction of mankind - actually I was having the time of my life, I'm just embarrassed by how my smile looks in pictures.


Red River New Mexico - that is a ski lift behind Bill.  I'm pretty sure just riding the lift would give me a heart attack.              

Dinner at El Paragua, Dolores made the reservations for us - GREAT food and fantastic people.  These two were a couple of the MANY chopper riding locals and were friendly enough to let me get a picture.  I'm glad Dolores made the reservations, because when the gringos walked in it was like something out of a movie:  The music stopped, everyone turned around.  "Hi Fellas" Scott said in his best 'white and nerdy' voice.