2007 New Mexico

Scott and Bill

1200+ Miles of Riding in 5 days

Day ZERO - To New Mexico

Inn at the Delta

Day ONE - Riding New Mexico

Day TWO - Riding New Mexico

Day THREE - Riding New Mexico

Day FOUR - Riding New Mexico

Day FIVE - Riding New Mexico

This sucks, I wanna go home . . .

The second day of riding was, unbelievably, better than the first.  In fact, every day seemed to be better than the one before it.  I was still getting used to the mountain roads here. 



This was through a set of switchbacks.  Fan freaking tastic.  It was a large highway with huge turns around the mountains.  I took it to 4th, wound it up to 13,000, dove into the right from the far left side of the left lane, cluthless upshift to 5th, crossed down the hill over to the right side of the right lane, clutchless upshift to 6ht, then dove back to the left side of the left lane before rolling off just past the turn exit point


Stopped later in Jemez for some Native American food and more great scenery.


The road past Jemez is just fantastic.  Smooth road and great turns.



This valley is almost 10,000 feet above sea level - the sign says that it was created when the mountain top was blown off in a volcanic eruption a million years ago.  Wow . . just wow.



Last pics of the day - the road near Los Alamos, NM.  Check out the downhill twisties.