2010 St. Augustine Florida

Monday July 19, 2010

Bill, Carrie, Scott









Monday was really busy.  We picked up Bill's bike, ran errands with Garrett, had lunch, packed up and made our way to St. Augustine.  Because I had JUST done the 4th Annual Eurobikes Ride (see link on "Group Rides") I desperately needed a new rear tire (ahem) - so the weekend prior TO the ride was also super busy.  The route there was a little bit curvy, I plotted us a course that took us out near Mt. Dora - probably the highest lump of dirt in the entire state of Florida.


New Tire (see old one on left) and waiting on Bill to get his bike


Lunch with Garrett


I'm not sure which night I had dinner with Bill at Urban Cantina - so I put it here

Bikes packed up and ready to go