2010 St. Augustine Florida

Tuesday July 20, 2010

Bill, Carrie, Scott








Tuesday was the first day of riding from St. Augustine.  This route was really "not bad" once you to to point 5.  From point 5 on it was varying degrees of "not bad" to "hey, this is kinda fun."  The route ended by going up by the river and that was nice.  Pretty scenery.


Guy at breakfast - his whole car was decked out in "Anti-Obama" Stickers

Odd stuff you see on the road . . .

Clowning at Lunch


Shots by the river, really pretty and a decent little road too


Florida in July is HOT - LOTS of water breaks


End of the day in St. Augustine

Out by the Fort after dinner - true story, there was some lunatic guy out wading in the water.  Bizarre, just some guy out walking in the water of the inlet.  If you saw all the rocks, shells, sharp stuff out there you'd be kinda shocked.  A small group of people gathered around expecting him to do something impressive like walk ON the water (or kill himself) . but he didn't.


Our Hotel - the St. George Inn

St. George Inn - St. Augustine

Bill being very good natured while me & Carrie briefly do the "tourist thing"