2010 St. Augustine Florida

Wednesday July 21, 2010

Bill, Carrie, Scott








Wednesday's ride was a lot better than Tuesday's with only one exception.  DIRT ROAD.  At point 7 on the route it turns into dirt and stays soft, deep, sand for about 6 miles.  We've done dirt on the bikes before, but this was at least 6 inches of soft sand and it was really scary / unpleasant for us all - we backtracked to point 5 and came down to point 8.  The rest of the ride was great except honestly that long straight northeast haul back to the hotel every night was getting tiring - at least for me.

Breakfast at the Greek Restaurant (Athena Restaurant on Cathedral Place)

Discovering the dirt road in 100 degree heat and middle of nowhere

Engaging with locals

Dinner in St. Augustine - one of the little spots in "Old Town"

Not sure if this was later in the evening, early in the morning . . . Carrie getting on her bike in the parking garage