2010 St. Augustine Florida

Thursday July 22, 2010

Bill & Scott








By Wednesday night Carrie was toast.  She'd ridden TO St. Augustine, all around Ocala and knew that if she was going to make the ride back home on Friday she'd need a day to rest.  That was totally cool - it gave me and Bill a chance to catch up.  The roads were fantastic, the food was really good.  Thursday night we all went out and had dinner & watched "Inception" at a local theater.  The ride from Point 9 up was awful.  We decided to jump on the freeway and it was a freaking MAD HOUSE.  When I'm riding at 90mph and people are blowing by me like I am sitting still there had better be a big mushroom cloud or a pack of zombies in my rearview mirrors . . .



Stopping to eat after some of the best roads in Florida

Knowing I had a LONG trip the next I stopped and cleaned my chain off.  We'd ridden in sand the day before and it was needed it.  I also cleaned Carrie's off when I got back to St. Augustine.

The shop kind enough to sell me decent chain lube and use their shop and rags to clean off my chain and put a new coat of lube on.


Dinner in St. Augustine at the Columbia - LOVE this place